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The old truck load counting system

The new truck load counting system
The first such system in the world.
Advantage: Counts loads 24/7.
Counts loads even when GPS signals are lost.


Get 2 extra loads per hour, in a 24 hour operation that is 44 loads extra per day, 300 loads per week, 15,600 loads per year - increase your shareholders profit and increase your drivers bonus with LoadLogger

Use LoadLogger to gain up to an extra 2 loads per hour by:

Use LoadLogger to measure management decisions:

LoadLogger is easily fitted, the shovel operator requires no training, the operator does not even need to press additional buttons

LoadLogger will work underground with a leaky feeder system.

If you are in the mining business today and you do not know how many dump trucks your shovels have loaded in the last hour - then you are in trouble! Sorry to be blunt about it, but in 2009 you have not the luxury of time to be gently persuaded. In fact - the fact that you have visited this web page and do not do anything to help your mine survive the credit crunch makes you a liability to your business. We can help you quickly so that you can steer your mine through these difficult times with your eyes open!

The price of gold is in a downward trend, credit is hard to get, maximise the production from your gold mines to improve cash flow. LoadLogger will help you increase profits.

Watch this space for new technology to force you to increase production.

Contact Rockmate to find out how to track your dump trucks in in real time!